Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Joseph Bonaparte King Of Spain 1808-1813

Here is a new bust I just finished painting. Great challenging piece with incredible amount of detail.This bust is sculpted by Anton Derbilov for (unpainted model is available now at the web-site) The photos are being used for the box art. The bust is based on the painting by Francois Gerard on display at Fontainebeau. Joseph is painted in his Spanish coronation robes 1808. He wears the Collars of Spanish Order of Fleece and the Royal Order of Spain founded by himself in 1808. Joseph abdicated the Spanish throne in 1813 and after the fall of his brother Napoleon at Waterloo Joseph went to live in America 1817-1832. He died in 1844 and is buried at Les Invalides in a crypt near Napoleon. Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain 1808-1813 King of Naples and Sicily 1806-1808 1/9 scale resin bust Sculpted by: Anton Derbilov Box art painted by: Mike Cramer Item: AD04

Friday, June 7, 2019

"The Happy Monk"

The Happy Monk 1/9 scale resin bust, sculpted by Pavol Ovecka for United Empire Miniatures. I painted this great bust with acrylic's. The photos are used for the box art. This bust was fun to paint and a challange. The bust kit is now available at