Saturday, March 19, 2016

"The Falcon Hunter" Galeotto Marzio 1427-1490

"The Falcon Hunter" Galeotto Marzio 1427-1490 75mm resin figure Sculpted by: Yury Serebryakov and made by Galeotto Marzio was born to a noble family of Marzi,Italy.His friendship with Lorenzo the Magnificent and King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary led him to Budapest, Hungary.The The figure is based on the Matthias Monumental fountain group in the western forecourt of Buda Castle, Budapest. Alajos StrĂ³bl’s Neo-Baroque masterpiece is one of the most frequently photographed landmark in the Hungarian capital. It is sometimes called the ’Trevi Fountain of Budapest’ I painted this figure with acrylic's. The figure stands just is 3 1/2 at the base.