Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Czar Peter the Great 1682-1725

My latest painted figure, Czar Peter the Great bust sculpted by Matt Springer for United Empire Miniatures. I painted this bust with acrylic's and used oils over acrylic on the green tunic.
Peter the Great (Peter I) Tzar of Russia 1682-1725 1/9 scale resin bust

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Yugoslav People’s Liberation Army Partisan 1945

Yugoslav People’s Liberation Army Partisan 1945 He has a captured German MG 42 machine gun slung over his left shoulder and plenty of ammunition.This was a great bust to paint German shirt, Yugoslav Army cap and nearly 200 bullets. The red flag sticking from the barrel of the machine gun was earned by the machine gunner.It reads: NAJBOLJI MI TRALJEZAC II BATALJUNU PRVOMAJ. TAKMICENJE It means: Best machine gunner II battalion 1.May competition. I painted this bust for the box art. Painted with acrylic's.