Monday, March 30, 2015

My latest figure.British 42nd Highlander 1783,54mm figure from United Empire Miniatures. I created this groundwork setting in a 1 1/2 day class I took at the 2015 Atlanta Figure Show. Some steps: I glued a resin tree stump to the wood base, painted the tree and added branches and foliage to make a tree. The branches and tree roots are made of dryed tomato plant roots( very tuff when dryed).Next I Sculpted rocks from 2-part pool putty and stained them with a oil paint sepia wash making a nice realistic rock cropping for my figure to stand on. Next I added ground cover and plants adding touches of paint to give the a more realistic look. I painted my figure after I returned home and was very pleased to finish and place it in the scene.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cuchulainn Hero of Northern Ireland 8th Century

Cuchulainn Hero of Northern Ireland 8th Century. 54mm figure made by Art Girona, Spain. My latest work painted with acrylic's and printers inks. I added tiny clumps of green moss to the base to give a whispy grass look.

Norse Lord 800 A.D.

Norse Lord 800 A.D. 54mm metal figure made by Andrea Miniatures. I painted this one with acrylics.

"Vikings Two Generations"

"Vikings Two Generations" I designed and built this 54mm diorama using Andrea and Pegaso kits along with converted other parts and sculpted in the ground work. This must have been what the Vikings did in the winter when they were not plundering.Working outside in the cold would not have bothered them as they are a hearty people. I painted the scene with acrylic's and printers inks.